Every -ism fits in a bag

Vloris Fisser
-350 gram of white flower
-3,5 gram of instant yeast (half a package)
-220 ml of half warm water
-A bottle of sunflower oil
-One egg

-Take a bowl and dissolve the yeast in the water
-Put the flower in another bowl and gently pour in the water and yeast mixture
-Prepare a dough by working the mixture till it no longer sticks to your fingers
-Leave to rest for 15 minutes

-Put a large pan on the fire and fill it with oil three thumbs high
-Take a piece of dough from the bowl and work it with your hands to form a ball the size of a golf ball
-Check if the oil is hot enough
-Stirfry the ball of dough untill golden brown and put it on a plate

-Take a new piece of dough and work it around the stirfried one, creating a larger ball
-Stiryfry this as well
-Repeat once more, so the ball increases in size and contains three layers of dough.

-Put a steelpan filled with water to boil and put on a steaming basket
-Steam the dough ball for 10 minutes

-Lay the dough on the bottom of a greased oven dish and gently squeeze it as flat as possible, making sure it doesn’t fall apart
-Apply egg yolk on the dough’s surface
-Put the dish in the oven for 25 minutes on 180 degrees Celcius

-Check after 25 minutes, if it’s not golden brown, leave it in the oven a little longer.

-Let the dough cool down. Wrap it neatly into a thin piece of white paper (or use a newspaper)
-Put the package in a plastic bag, neutral without logo’s.

-Take the bag, go out, walk towards the nearest trash bin. Dispose

Every -ism fits in a bag is a performance with several different cooking methods; preparations, stoves, grills, deep frying pans, steamers and fire. Starting with three small pieces of dough and some fresh herbs, the process unfolds in a continuous series of unlogical cooking procedures. Every step being carried out in a routined and dedicated manner. Striving to control all processes, the simplicty of all beginning gradually transform into an inedible non-descript thing of its own.
Music by Bart Lentze and Ton Jansen.
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