Vereniging De Vereniging

Vloris Fisser
Vereniging De Vereniging
'Vereniging De Vereniging' roughly translates from Dutch as ‘The Associative’s Association’ (or into German as ‘Verein Der Verein’). It is a project I started last year researching the model of a vereniging as a new social scenario. We are with over 100 members and gather every two months, experimenting each time with form, practises, time and group dynamics. We have no goal or shared interests other than the process of forming a vereniging. This process is finding a balance between establishing something durable (a sense of collectivity that makes us wanting to coming back) while at the same time trying not to become a fixed collective. Ideally this balance point is a social threshold; the first movement out of nothing into something yet to be defined. With this social threshold in mind the vereniging critically responds to the ultra social ‘on-aura’ surrounding our times.
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